We offer a variety of services to residential customers. We can provide general desktop and laptop repair or install a secure home network. If you are having issues with your printer or other digital devices, we are able to help with that also. Below you will find a brief list of example services that we can perform. We are not limited to these and . would like to help you in any way possible for all your home computer and networking needs.



  • New Laptop/Desktop Setup – We can setup and optimize your new computer or laptop. Service includes transfer of files, music, software and photos from your old computer onto your new computer. We can install your peripheral devices and setup your software. We also provide time to show you how your new computer works.
  • Clean Spyware, Adware, and Virus Removal – It’s really this simple: You’ve got a virus. You call us. We fix it fast. Then we consult on prevention. Dealing with Viruses is something we do often, in fact it’s the most common job we’re called for. Unlike many computer shops who do the easy but destructive solution of erasing your entire computer, we try diligently to remove the virus. On occasion the damage may be too severe in which we will first contact you before any drastic measures are taken.
  • Data Backup and Recovery – With security breaches on the rise and the constant threat of hardware failure, it is more important than ever to make sure your data is backed up. We can help automate the process so you can rest assured that you have a recovery plan when disaster strikes.
  • Repair & Upgrades – Need an upgrade? We can install bigger hard drives, faster SSD drives more RAM, more powerful graphics cards or perform any other upgrade that you may need.
  • Networking Services – Networking involves connecting multiple computers or devices together or to the Internet. Maybe you want to access your files from any computer in the house, or send a file to a printer in another room. Whatever your networking needs, we will provide a solution. We will set up your office or home network. In addition to adding convenience, a network installed by us can add a layer of protection by way of a hardware firewall.